BodySil is Getting Even Better!

Silicone Scar Tape For Your Silicone Scar Treatment

BodySil has become Australia’s favourite scar treatment tape.

Self adhesive, re-usable and very affordable, our best selling product is about to get even better!

Hundreds of our fabulous customers have helped us enormously by providing positive and sometimes not so positive feedback on BodySil. Thanks to those that have taken the time to share their thoughts, we have been able to determine where we could increase the effectiveness of the tape without compromising it’s excellent value for money.

One of the most common issues people told us about, was that sometimes the tape did not stick as well as it might. So we have decided to increase the width of the tape from 3cm to 3.5cm.

get your BodySil silicone scar tape today.Of course, it will still be important to ensure that your skin is totally dry and free from any other oils or creams before applying BodySil. However, by increasing the width and creating a larger surface area, we are confident the tape will adhere to the skin even better than before.

Our new shipment of BodySil is expected to arrive in our warehouse mid September. To celebrate the upgrade to our favourite product, we are offering a great limited time  promotion! Pre-order your BodySil today for delivery mid to later September, and pay just $20 per roll. That’s a saving of $5 per roll.

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