Are you pacing yourself over the Christmas break? We are!

Smiling lady sipping a hot drink from a cup with a snowman on it as snow falls gently around her.

2017 has gone by in a flash and it's almost Christmas time.

Dear customers and partners across Australia and overseas,

It's been a pleasure serving you this year!

In the hustle and bustle of the festive season, may you find time to pause and savour a year well lived.

We're staying open is still open 24x7 throughout the Christmas break, though we will operate on a skeleton crew.

We seek your kind understanding that response times between Friday 22nd December and Wednesday 3rd January may be longer than usual.

  • Chat/Phone Support will be closed from 22 Dec (5pm AEDT) to  3 Jan (10.30am AEDT)
  • Delivery times may be longer than normal

If we could help you with anything before then, please let us know.

Claim before 31st December

If you or your patients have ancillary private health cover, do take action early to claim your full entitlement before the end of the calendar year.

  • Give a gift of health to your loved ones and yourself this Christmas.
  • Reduce risk of injury and re-injury with our compression sportswear
  • Improve blood circulation and body-shaping with our post-surgery garments
  • Reduce travel fatigue with our compression hosiery

Active Mesh SingletBodysuit No Legs

Feel free to browse our store for active wear, compression socks for travel comfort, post-surgical garments, and more:


If you have any other questions, please email or ring 1300 077 892.

Have a safe, restful and joyful time these holidays, and may all your 2018 days be happy and bright!

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