Save $25 – Free silicone scar treatment tape

Image of a roll of BodySil silicone scar treatment tape with three boxes of BodySil and two Australian flags for our Australia Day weekend promotion.

Scar treatment is a real concern after surgery. You may get unsightly raised red hypertrophic scars. In worse cases, keloids.

How do you manage your scars by reducing the colour and keeping them nice and flat? has the answer: BodySil.

We’ve received fantastic reviews from patients who used the tape after surgery. BodySil is great after plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive or general surgery. It is also great for mums who’ve had C-sections. Those who’ve had weight loss surgery benefit as well.

Scientific studies reveal that silicone can be great for scar treatment. It minimises scar visibility. BodySil is 100% silicone and comes in a handy 1.5m roll you can trim to fit your scar. It is waterproof, breathable and soft and gentle to your skin. One application can last for up to a week!

Our customers have reported great results for fading both old and new scars. Here’s more information about the wonders of silicone scar treatment.

This Australia Day weekend, we would like to celebrate with BodySil. You get a free box of BodySil with every order of $400 or more from our online store.

It’s a great time of year to get your active wear, compression stockings, compression garments and more. Don’t forget to enter your 5% discount coupon by using the coupon code MATESRATES5 as well. Thank you!

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