Mastectomy Medicare Rebates

Australian women who have had a Mastectomy are able to receive a rebate of up to $800 for Breast Prostheses.

Women who have had breast mastectomies are entitled to a $400 rebate per breast prosthesis.

Link to Medicare website

Thanks to the Medicare External Breast Prosthesis Program Australian citizens can be reimbursed for prostheses that cost up to $400.

Making a claim to Medicare is easy with Bodyment. We provide you with an itemised Invoice with all the information included that Medicare requires. Just download the Claim Form from the Medicare website and complete. Then, together with your receipt from Bodyment, submit your claim.

Should you spend more than the your Rebate, then you can claim the difference through your Private Health Insurance.

Pocketed Bras are also claimable through Private Health Insurance.


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