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Shop by Procedure at Bodyment for only the highest quality surgical grade compression garments for post operative support & recovery. Our garments are sourced from the United States, Canada, Australia & Asia. Shop post op compression garments online at Bodyment to ensure you get the best results and most comfortable post operative care.
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Recovery is made easy with our exclusive garments.

Stage 1

  • Post Operative Swelling Control
  • Hooks & Eyes
  • Open Crotch
  • Worn 6-8 weeks
  • Anti Bacterial Fabric

Stage 2

  • Undergarment Shapewear
  • Comfort & Support
  • Seamless Design
  • Worn Indefinitely
  • World-Leading Techno Fabric
  • Ensures Skin Retraction
Stage 1 - Procedures are difficult, recovery is easier when comfortable.

Upper Body Procedures

Arm Lift

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) or Arm Liposuction can produce dramatic results. Excess skin and fat can be transformed into smooth, slim upper arms. Get the most from your procedure by wearing only the best in arm compression garment therapy. Bodyment sells the best – Marena and ClearPoint. Arm lift surgery can often result in quite long raised scars. This occurs because the skin on the underside of the upper arm is tender and therefor more susceptible to leaving unsightly scar.  Therefore, wearing firm fitting surgical grade compression on the arms post-op is vital. The benefits of arm lift procedures however far outweigh the scarring issue for most people. Bodyment has BodySil scar treatment to help reduce the look of the scars.

Breast Revision

Breast Revision compression bras are important, so make sure you wear only the best Surgical Grade post-surgery bras to ensure the best results. Bodyment sells Marena and ClearPoint post-op bras to keep your breasts safe and secure during the recovery period. We recommend wearing your Surgical Bra 24/7 for at least 6 weeks. Our bras offer full back coverage, low back, hook and eye or zip front fastening. We suggest checking with your surgeon before deciding on which compression bra he prefers.

Breast Augmentation

For Breast Augmentation more doctors prefer Marena Post Surgery bras. Bodyment has a great range to suit all women. We sell Marena, ClearPoint Medical and Amoena bras which are preferred by doctors worldwide. Always check with your Surgeon as to which type of augmentation compression he prefers. All lour bras are front fastening – either with zips or hooks and eyes. Most have adjustable shoulder straps as well. You may prefer full back coverage for the weeks following your procedure, as you will probably be sleeping on your back. Always make sure that you adjust the bra once you put it on, to ensure your breasts are full covered. Keep the band at the bottom of the bra sitting low on your ribcage.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction compression bras will provide the support and comfort you need after surgery. Quality post-op bras from Bodyment will help control your swelling and bruising and keep the scars nice and flat during the healing process. We have a great range of Surgical Grade bras for your surgery. Remember to take into account that you will have swelling after the procedure, so we suggest purchasing one cup size bigger than your intended cup size after you have had your breast reduction. Our Carefix bras will fit most cup sizes.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) compression garments are important to achieve the best final results from your procedure. Please take into account that your cup size can be smaller after a lift in case saggy skin is removed or bigger if you choose to have a Breast lift surgery with implants. By wearing surgical grade quality compression bras you can be confident that you are ensuring the best possible result from your Breast Lift procedure.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction compression garments are important to achieve the best results from your surgery. You may need an abdominal compression garment as well as post-op bras depending on the type of reconstruction you are having. Bodyment has a great range of post surgery bras. We sell Marena, Carefix and Amoena front fastening bras that provide support and comfort for the weeks following your surgery. Bodyment bras have adjustable shoulder straps as well. We have full back coverage bras that are comfortable for sleeping. Make sure you adjust the bra to ensure your breasts are full covered. Keep the bottom band low on your ribcage to prevent the bra from riding up.


Lumpectomy compression garments will keep you comfortable and secure after surgery. A lumpectomy is a partial Mastectomy (removal) of the breast. Wearing a surgical grade compression bra will help control swelling and bruising. It will also ensure even blood flow to the area of surgery to achieve faster healing.


Gynecomastia compression garments will help achieve the best results from your surgery. Your Surgeon will recommend wearing a surgical grade compression vest during your recovery to help reduce swelling and bruising. Choose only the best garments recommended by Bodyment. We have Marena vests and ClearPoint Medical compression bodysuits.


Mastectomy compression garments to keep you comfortable and secure post surgery. The surgical removal of one or both breasts is known as Mastectomy. We recommend wearing a surgical post-op bra immediately following your procedure to help reduce swelling and to keep you secure and comfortable.


Seroma compression garments can be prescribed for wear – usually after an abdominal procedure. A seroma is a build up of fluid. Wearing surgical grade compression will help reduce the swelling and can assist with that excess fluid drainage. Bodyment sells surgical grade Marena and ClearPoint Medical abdominal compression garments that provide compression where required.

Tuberous Breast

Tuberous breast compression garments should be worn following this surgery. For all procedures to correct tuberous breasts, you will most likely by asked to wear a post op bra following your surgery. Bodyment has you covered with our comprehensive range of surgical grade bras from Marena and Carefix.

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery compression garments are bras with wide comfortable shoulder straps. Our range of surgical bras have front zip or hook and eye closure so no need to stretch around the back. Bodyment’s Marena and Carefix post-op bras also have full comfortable backs and no underwires.

Body Procedures

Abdominal Surgery


Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

Wearing a post-surgical compression garment is vital after your Abdominal Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Body Lift, Liposuction and a myriad of other surgical procedures to make sure you achieve the best possible results from your surgery. Top quality post-op garments are important and our compression bodysuits and post-surgery abdominal girdles all have anti-bacterial components in the fabric to help protect against infection and to keep you fresh during the recovery process. Our selection of Marena and ClearPoint tummy tuck binders will provide the extra support you need in the first few weeks after your tummy tuck or abdominal procedure as your tummy muscles return to normal. All these Surgical Grade garments may be claimable from your Private Health Insurance.

Bestseller: Split Panel Binder


Liposuction compression garments are a must after undergoing this procedure. Liposuction, also known as lipectomy or lipoplasty, is a procedure that improves the body’s contours and proportion by removing excess fat deposits to slim and reshape specific areas of the body. It is really important to wear good compression 24/7 for as long as possible post surgery to improve the results from the procedure. Bodyment garments provide Surgical Grade compression to ensure smooth skin retraction.

Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover compression garments are an important part of the recovery process. Getting your body back after childbirth can be a great boost. A variety of procedures are available to make changes where needed. Get the most out of your surgery by wearing quality surgical grade compression garments from Bodyment. These garments will help control swelling and bruising, and will ensure your skin retracts beautifully during the recovery phase.

Body Lift

For postoperative body lift compression support clothing, check out our body lift compression garments. Bodyment sells only the best quality garments to ensure you achieve the best possible results post surgery. Our bodysuits will help control swelling and keep scarring flat. Our binders (now available in black) provide additional support in the first few weeks after your procedure. Our body garments have open crotches and hook and eye and zip closures for ease of use. Our abdominal binders are adjustable in compression to suit your individual needs. We recommend purchasing bodysuits with short legs for these surgeries. And don’t forget to grab some BodySil silicone scar treatment tape.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift compression garments help achieve the best post-op results. Butt Lifts are one of the most popular procedures being performed throughout the world and demand only the best in Surgical Grade compression garments. Smooth skin retraction from butt lifts is vital so it is so important to wear quality compression garments. Bodyment now sells the Leonisa brazilian butt lift bodysuit with low back and full coverage, the Leonisa bodysuit can also be worn strapless! The most important factor though, is the less compressive panels in the rear to accommodate the surgical procedure. The leonisa compression garment is available in beige.


Liposculpture compression garments are important to achieve the best final results from your procedure. Generally, Liposculpture is less invasive than regular Liposuction procedures resulting in less downtime for the patient. It may also be a less expensive option as some Surgeons can perform this procedure in day surgery under twilight sedation. By wearing surgical grade quality compression garments, you can be confident that you are ensuring the best possible result from your Liposculpture procedure.


Hernia compression garments will provide comfort and support after or before your surgery. Both men and women will benefit by wearing medical grade compression garments which promote better healing post procedure or everyday. Garments may be claimable from your Private Health. Ask us how.

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting compression garments will help with skin retraction to ensure the desired results.This procedure will smooth out those unwanted bumps. Our bodysuits and girdles provide comfort and support where it is needed the most to enhance your new curves. Cool sculpting compression garments may not have an open crotch or zips and hook and eyes, so they are great for wearing under your clothes as shape wear.


Non-Invasive compression garments will help achieve the best possible results from your procedure. Even though you may not be having a surgical procedure, wearing surgical grade compression garments after your Non-Invasive procedure will help prevent any discomfort after the procedure. Smoothing the skin and providing targeted compression will get you looking better, sooner. Our garments may be claimable from your Private Health Insurance.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer compression garments will help you achieve the best outcome from your surgery. This brilliant procedure allows you to change your body shape to the way you’ve always wanted it to be. Enhance your results and achieve your goals by wearing quality medical grade compression garments from Bodyment.

Leg Implants

Leg Implants compression garments will help protect your legs after surgery. Wearing best quality surgical compression leggings from Bodyment will help control swelling and bruising. Marena is the world’s leader in compression therapy providing support and comfort where it is needed most. Our garments may be claimable from your Private Health.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lift compression garments will help achieve the best outcome from your surgery.  Your Surgeon may suggest a thigh lift or liposuction to help reduce excess skin after weight loss. Both these procedures will require surgical grade compression to ensure the best results with skin retraction post surgery. Bodyment garments will also help reduce swelling and bruising during the recovery period. We sell only the best – Marena, ClearPoint Medical and Isavela.
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