Women's Socks

Bodyment recommends Jobst and Sigvaris graduated womens compression socks to provide medical grade compression where you need it most.
Womens compression socks are available in all levels of compression. From Class I (15-20mmHg) to Class II (20-30mmHg) and Class III (30-40mmHg), Bodyment can help with conditions including vascular insufficiency, DVT, varicose veins, edema and ulcers.

With a choice of open or closed toe and with Sigvaris, a choice of length, our graduated compression socks are medical devices that may be claimable from your Private Health Insurance.

Bodyment sells Relief in open or closed toe and Ultrasheer in a variety of fashionable colours. Ultrasheer socks and stocking are the best looking medical grade graduated compression socks available.

Get your blood flowing better and experience the comfort and support. We have medical travel socks as well to help prevent the risk of DVT.