Product Focus: Sigvaris Cotton Compression Range

sigvaris-cotton, hosiery compression stockings new on bodyment

Bodyment is proud to introduce the quality Sigvaris Cotton range to our hosiery products.

At last there is now a cool and comfortable solution for surviving our warmer climate whilst still caring for our legs.

The brand Sigvaris, has been around since the 1880’s and has been producing some of the world’s best compression hosiery in Switzerland ever since.
As well as outstanding craftsmanship, Sigvaris also offers different leg lengths for an even better fit.

Right now, we at Bodyment carry a selection of Sigvaris Cotton products – Cotton Knee High and Thigh High. Take a look here Our Range.  Although the cotton content is 14%, this allows for easier donning and doffing (putting on and taking off) of the hosiery. With 34% Elasthan and 52% polyamide, the garments are more gentle on the legs as well.

So, if you have sore or sensitive skin, then Sigvaris Cotton would be our recommendation.

This great product also offer significant temperature regulation because of the natural cotton fibres. Sigvaris Cotton products are available in beige and black opaque colours, often with an open or closed toe option. These garments are also available in compression classes I, II and III.
Watch out for more great Sigvaris Cotton styles coming to very soon. Remember, your medical hosiery may be claimable from your Private Health Insurance.

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