BodySil Silicone Scar Tape

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Silicone Scar Tape 3.5cm x 1.5m – Reduce the look of your scars today.

Our silicone tape makes scars almost invisible and is recommended as the first line therapy.
Australia’s most popular scar treatment available at Bodyment.

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BodySil Silicone Scar Tape will help reduce the look of your scars.

Made from 100% silicone, BodySil silicone scar tape will help take the redness out and keep the scar nice and flat.

BodySil Silicone has been clinically proven to be the only non-invasive method to change the look of a scar once it has healed. Ideally, start using Body Sil as soon as your wounds have healed to achieve the best results. However, the silicone tape can work well on old scars too – even lumpy ones. Silicone is particularly effective if you are prone to Keloid or Hypertrophic (lumpy) scarring. As BodySil Tape is reusable for up to 5 days, it’s the best value silicone scar treatment available. The 3.5cm width affords better adhesion due to the larger surface area. Thinner tapes don’t stick as well.

3.5cm x 1.5m

Why use BodySil:

  • 100% silicone
  • Reusable
  • Very soft and gentle
  • Conforms to all areas
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for old scars as well

How to use our BodySil:

  • Start to use our BodySil as soon as the wound has healed (about 2-3 weeks’ post-surgery)
  • Put the silicone tape on your clean and dry skin
  • Excessive hair under tape may reduce adhesion
  • Our silicone tapes are water resistant
  • The silicone tapes will last about 3-5  days
  • Refresh your silicone tape every 3-5 days
  • A treatment for 3 months is recommended

How does silicone help scars

Everybody scars differently. Most of us will have a raised red line, but some will develop Keloid or Hypertrophic scars which are unsightly.From deep down in the skin our bodies start to produce extra collagen fibres to repair the wound. This causes a build-up of collagen around the healed wound often resulting in raised red surface.

Ideal scar management results in a minimising of the height, thickness and/or discoloration of the scar, thus helping flatten, smooth and blend the scar with the surrounding skin, making it far less noticeable. Clinical tests have shown that Silicone is the best possible product to use to change the appearance of a scar. It helps keep the scar flat and reduces the redness.

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Top 5 patient concerns when considering cosmetic surgery*

1. Results2. Cost3. Recovery4. Pain5. Scars

*2014 Annual AAFPRS Survey

Now Bodyment has you covered in every part of your procedure.

Vicky - Absolute Cosmetic Medicine

Also I wanted to talk to you because that silicone tape is just amazing!!! Abby (our head dermal therapist) has used it on her lower leg and difference it has made is fantastic!!!! She has had a scar there for over a year and finally it is fading!! We are all letting all our patients know to come to yourselves to buy it!!

Vicky Blake
Managing Nurse

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